Southern Ontario Orchid Society Show, 2010

I spent this morning at the Southern Ontario Orchid Show. Got there at around 10:30 and stood in line for half an hour. Paid my entry, checked my coat and went for the sales tables. Here was my haul:

I started by looking through the two rooms for plants on my sales list and found an Aerangis fastuosa from the same vendor I got my Aerangis biloba from last year. I was super tempted by a few Oncidium alliance intergenics and hybrids but for now I was going to keep on trucking with my list.

Aerangis fastuosa
Aerangis fastuosa

By the time I cleared the second room I was sure I wasn’t going to find a ton of stuff from my list so I expanded to things closely related to things on my list.

Phalaenopsis philippinensis
Phalaenopsis philippinensis

Phalaenopsis philippinensis
Phalaenopsis philippinensis – showing the underside of the leaves.

Phalaenopsis philippinensis was a good alternate to P. schilleriana (the silver markings are not as attractive but it does have the bonus maroon colour to the undersides of the leaves and to the new growth.

Ludisia discolor 'Alba'
Ludisia discolor var. alba

Ludisia discolor var. alba was the most exciting jewel orchid I saw. I’d have loved to get a Macodes sanderiana but there were none to be found. The Ludisia was pretty cheap though and it is nice so on the whole I’m pretty happy with it.

Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Cloud'
Milt. Rene Komoda ‘Pacific Cloud’

Milt. Rene Komoda 'Pacific Cloud'
Milt. Rene Komoda ‘Pacific Cloud’ Flower

Back at the table where I found my Aerangis while there were many stunning Oncidium intergenics in bold colours with all sorts of spots and elongated pointed petals and all sorts of nonsense (which is not to say I didn’t want them all mind you, just no space and not enough money) this Miltonia. The flowers are smaller than many and the markings are so simple but it was so striking. I bought one with three spikes, one basically fully open, another starting to open and a third not open at all, but with only 2-3 buds on it. It’s a small plant but I think it’s fantastic.

Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird'
Neostylis Lou Sneary ‘Bluebird’

Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird'
Neostylis Lou Sneary ‘Bluebird’ Flower

My dad had asked us to look for an orchid he used to have which was “yellow” and smelled like “Cinnamon.” Couldn’t find it but I figured he would like this anyway. It’s blue (ish) and smells amazing (sort of like Jasmin and allspice). So… you know, close enough right? And only $25 for a fairly big plant as far as these things go.

It is a cross of Neofinetia falcata x Rhynchostylis coelestis and should be about a million times easier than a Neofinetia but I’m a little concerned I don’t have Vanda appropriate conditions. Will have to see how this goes.

Sarcoglottis sceptrodes
Sarcoglottis sceptrodes

My mom picked this out though I’ll admit I’d already been eying it. Another orchid grown for its leaves. It’s supposed to be easy but too much light and it will get more red but lose the variegation, too little light and it will lose the red but keep the variegation. Have to do a lot of research on this. It’s supposed to be easy, according to the person who sold it to her.

I also took about a bajillion pictures (actually only some 180 +/-, and many of those are of name tags) of the show plants which means it will take a fair bit of time to get those sorted through so you may see them later tomorrow or maybe Monday, or maybe spread out over a few posts. But I think right now i need to have a nap.

P.S. – If you’re in/near Toronto and didn’t go to the show today I definitely recommend going tomorrow.


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