Nepenthes x ventrata

Nepenthes sp.
Nepenthes x ventrata

I stopped by my work the other day and had a look around (I haven’t been there in a while) when I was buying my seed stuff. Bought myself my Haworthia that day as well as two Nepenthes which had been written off (yay!) because, from what I can tell, all the older pitchers had dried up. Not actually a huge deal.

Nepenthes x ventrata
is the most commonly available pitcher plant – if you see something that looks like this unlabeled in a grocery/hardware store this is probably it. It’s a natural hybrid of N. alata and N. ventricosa which can be found in the Philippines. It’s supposed to be one of the easier/more forgiving varieties around, which is why it makes a great starter pitcher plant (you’ll still want to use distilled, RO or rainwater as these are sensitive to minerals buildup).

I’d been thinking about keeping one or both in my terrarium but have been convinced otherwise – the brighter light I can give them in other places in the house will be more important than the increased humidity, plus they’re very likely to outgrow my terrarium, which is a pretty important consideration here! My house is more humid than many so it’s not even a huge problem, though still drier than ideal conditions.


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2 Responses to Nepenthes x ventrata

  1. Aerelonian says:

    I love pitcher plants. I've never had one but I do have an empty 10 gallon aquarium…

  2. faroutflora says:

    Nice Nepenthes! I have a happy N. sanguinea and a sad looking but still living N. singalana. California Carnivores is just up the road from San Francisco, and we usually make a pilgrimage once or twice a year.

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