Wish list addition: Paph. acmodontum & Phal. Mini Mark

Very tempted during the SOOS Meeting yesterday by a nice specimen of Paph. acmodontum that was for sale in bloom. It’s always a good idea to be cautious of orchid species as they can be a lot pickier than their hybrid cousins but it was a really nice plant. I gave myself more time to research the specific species and may pick it up in the future.

The flower is relatively small compared to most hybrids but combines the interesting spots, elegant stripes and unusual hairs (which blend in better on this species than many others) in a very attractive way. Lots of green (olive green lower down, apple green higher up), soft clear pink and some white to bring it all together with excellent contrast between the stripes and spots and the lighter background colours.

The one I saw had two spikes and lots of attractive mottled green leaves giving the plant a very full look (two things my own dark purple hybrid will never have – multiple spikes and more than 3-4 fans of leaves at a time).

IOSPE Page (and a different and even more attractive clone, also at IOSPE.
Here you can see three flowers on one plant + a little bit of the leaf at the bottom.

(Now that I’ve finished writing that I’m kicking myself for not picking one up!)


Second on the wish list from the meeting was a plant I didn’t see for sale but would have bought if it had been. Phal. Mini Mark. I don’t remember as much orange on it as I’m seeing online but I like it as much with as I remember I did without. It reminds me of a Creamsicle and that makes me happy (I have not seen a Creamsicle for sale for a long long time now. I’ve been looking! I understand there are… alternatives…).

Anyway! This plant was on the show table and it was small. And adorable. And I need one! Apparently this mini can flower twice a year with small flowers that can last around 3 months or so. I like the sound of that, but even if it only flowered once a year I’d still be happy with it.

On Orchid Web
Phal. Mini Mark ‘Sunsplash’ JC/AOS from here, a variety with more orange in the petals.
On Flickr x1, x2, & x3.


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