Feed Scraping & Post Theft

Kenneth Moore just gave me the heads up that my blog posts, and his, and I think I saw a tiny part of one from Aerelonian have been stolen for use at a Feed Scraper/Content Scraper, a term I hadn’t heard more than a few hours ago but speaks for itself.

First thing to protect yourself from all sites of this nature whether you’ve seen that particular site or not – Blogger defaults your Site Feed to “Full” – Change this to “Short” or “None” (Settings, Site Feed and it’s the first option).

Here’s this post, as scraped with Site Feed limited to “Short”

Second, and I haven’t tried this yet, read this, and this and some of the links in each. Should work against sites you know of but until you’ve found them you’ll have to resort to limiting your Feed to just a part of your post.

Here’s a site with information specific to Blogger (a lot of the sites above refer to other blogging sites like WordPress).


Thanks for the advice Dave. I asked them firmly but nicely to remove all my posts and they were gone within 15 minutes. I don’t approve of what they do, but at least they co-operated and took down the posts when asked.


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4 Responses to Feed Scraping & Post Theft

  1. Aerelonian says:

    Thanks for mentioning this! I had no idea this was happening.

  2. I found my site there as well. I will be filing a DMCA notice very soon and hopefully the site will be completely removed by the host. I recommend you contact Hostgator which seems to be their provider and file a complaint. They will ask for URLs of your content that was stolen. Theft content is very irritating!

  3. My posts have now been removed. I left a comment on one of them and informed them I would be filing a DMCA report with the host. Everything was gone within the hour. I also mentioned it was an illegal violation of copyright. Seemed to work!

  4. Huh. I have a few DMCAs to fill out… I e-mailed someone at thegardendepotinc.com/blog (where some of my posts also appeared), and nothing yet.I also contacted the hosts–they's all like "we kaint do nuthin', fill out these forms first."

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