Winter Container Designs

While I’m technically now in the cut Christmas Tree department they needed help in the custom container section keeping the tables full so I’ve been working with evergreen boughs and the like for the past few days now.

Here are two I did yesterday that follow the same basic design:

I started with a bundle of BC Noble Fir for each container (3 boughs) placed upright and leaning slightly back (the boughs curve so it’s tricky to do any other way but this works well enough). BC Cedar (not sure if it’s the cedar we sell (Thuja occ.) or maybe another Thuja or maybe a cypress/false cypress or whatever but that’s what it’s shipped to us as) makes a nice skirt for the pots – I used 3 bunches split between the 4 containers.

In the first container I used 5 pussy willow branches per pot. A large ornamental ball on a stick and large gold snowflake made a nice focal point while the “everlasting” berries and white tipped pinecones toned it down a bit and added a more natural feel.

In the second container I used 5 Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea) branches per pot (note – these can root – from last year I spent less than $10 on dogwood branches and got two shrubs out of it just by sticking them in dirt in November – actually I’d be surprised if the willow didn’t also root). A large sugar cone pine per container paired with a few more or the same berries in a bed of Magnolia leaves with small red grapevine balls for balance completed the more natural looking container.

Now these all came to a retail price of around $69.99 per pot – I will post my own that I will make out of Ontario greens (mine stayed green into April last year while the BC stuff browned by March) for $20 to $30.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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