Well I suppose this will be a brief update but something anyway. It is November now and some strong winds a few nights ago have knocked the leaves off almost all trees and a good number of shrubs are looking pretty bare now too.

A few trees and shrubs I’ve noticed still going strong for leaf colour:

Pyrus calleryana (Ornamental Pear) – Will get a picture tomorrow.

Quercus robur Fastigiata (Pyramidal English Oak) – some have already turned their winter brown but others are still showing off their yellow fall colour.

Acer platanoides – (Not a fan of this tree) Norway maples are still holding onto their yellow leaves while most of the more attractive A. rubrum, A. x Freemanii, & Acer saccharum have already dropped theirs.

Viburnum spp. – Have noticed good colour on V. plicatum ‘Marisii,’ V. lantana, V. judii, V. x juddii & V. x carlcephalum (Fragrant Snowball). V. trilobum is slightly more confusing – at work they all dropped their leaves long ago but one planted near my house has barely changed colour but when it does it will be great as well. Most Viburnums seem to look great fairly late into fall.

Juniper spp. – Mainly spreaders such as ‘Blue Chip’ (Blue spreader turns blue-purple in fall/winter – most blue junipers take this colour on to at least some degree which looks good on spreaders but not so great on upright junipers) and ‘Compact Andorra’ (Green spreader turns reddish in fall).

Euonymus alatus (burning bush)/E. fortunei (“Euonymus”) – The former may or may not have lost its leaves depending on how much wind they’ve gotten but the latter should (being mostly evergreen) still have their leaves… in their case though they may or may not have fall colour. Have seen some nice pinks and purples on some of these though.

Spirea spp. – depends a lot on variety but most are looking their best now – ‘Thor’ and ‘Snow Storm’ which I wrote about earlier have list their leaves but others are still going strong. Recently added to my personal favourite list for Spireas is ‘Snowmound’ for its upright/arched branching and good fall colour.

Will follow up with pictures + Plants with berries & bark.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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1 Response to November!

  1. Aerelonian says:

    Can't wait for the pictures! I love/hate fall. Everything starts to get a little greyer except for a few wonderful gems of colour.

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