Houseplant I did buy

I’m going to try to limit houseplant post now so I can spend more time with hardy plants (and so I’ll have something for the winter!) but this is a good follow up to the previous post.

So instead of the Aglaonema ‘Crete’ (yes, the colours are accurate on that picture – also the plants seem to be very fast to produce new shoots. Each 6″ pot had about 4 new shoots barely popping out of the soil but definitely present) I had been considering I spent my $20 on an Asplenium sp. (nidus?) that I’ve been eying even longer.

Asplenium sp.

I’ve been growing another Asplenium for a year and a half now with no problems so assuming care is the same this should be happy with me as well. Which is to say water by filling the container it’s sitting in with water, waiting half and hour and filling it again – sometimes with the weak fertilizer water I’ll have mixed up for the orchids. Also my house is very humid all the time. Bright (direct!) light from a south window has worked but the new one will have to live with lower light. Possibly let sit in water then drain instead of refilling? Mine has been forgiving when it dries out so I will err on the dry side with this one until I get to know it better.

Asplenium sp.

PATSP has a picture that suggests I may have the same two – A. nidus and A. antiguum but I do not know enough about the genus to even know how to begin confirming this.

We do also carry a hardy Asplenium at work which tempts me from time to time… but there are so many other ferns I think that come before it that it will just have to wait.

I did start taking pictures at work for a series of posts on the Asteraceae family which I’ll be writing soon. Depending on how busy it is tomorrow I’ll maybe finish my pictures for that and start on hydrangeas.


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