Welcome to Zone 5 Gardening

I’ve had blogs before and I’ve had gardens before but this will be the first time I’ll have had the two together.

My name is Andrew and I garden in zone 5. I did not study horticulture in university but it has ended up becoming what I do. I work in sales in a large commercial store where I have worked in perennials (for two years) but now find myself in trees and shrubs. Thanks to this I have had huge exposure to plants that I’d never heard of five years ago and all good in zone 5.

Grass & Snow
Panicum ‘Heavy Metal’ in winter.

Many of the spaces I work with (my own yard and some landscaping work I do) are also small, shady, filled with the roots of large trees and have terrible clay soil. Small and shady are fine but I could use some better soil and I don’t know anyone who likes root competition! Because of these conditions I’ve have learned to appreciate colour, form and texture to be critical for all plants and often flowers become a bonus rather than the focus – obviously flowers are nice too though so I’ll definitely point out a few must haves that I’ve grown which have particularly interesting or long lasting flowers.

Post types I’m planning on including are brief plant profiles with personal experiences, “what’s flowering” type posts will be picture heavy – I’ll try to group these with the profiles but that may not always be possible, comments and musings on goings on in the industry (expect an angry rant that will become confused and start praising the many Echinacea cultivars popping up) and basically just whatever else happens to cross my mind that I feel like writing about.


About Andrew

Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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