Pictures from spring

It’s now summer and I have a lot to get caught up on! Just going to start out with a few pictures from this spring to get caught up and bring us to summer where the real fun can start.


It would be a shame to have a shaded garden and not have some trilliums around – especially in Ontario. This is one of four varieties I have planted (a red variety). Another is white (I believe – I had bought either two red and a white or the other way around and squirrels eat one shortly after planting and it hasn’t flowered for me… either way I’ll be happy). My newer purchases, both Trillium sessile – I figure if they won’t flower well for me I’ll at least get some stunning leaves out of them early in spring.


This one speaks for itself. Was doing poorly in shade so it got moved to sunnier grown and it doing very well since.


Another great spring plant that makes a huge impact when flowering, just as nice in my books as moss phlox but a lot less commonly used.

Iris 'Starship Enterprise'
Iris ‘Starship Enterprise’ – My mom jokes we should get a Hosta ‘Captain Kirk’ to pair this with. As much as I hate the idea odds are I’ll be buying that hosta as soon as I see it available – sometimes a good pairing can be made with a subtle joke rather than counting on the plants to do all the work.

Blue Iris
NOID Blue Iris

And then of course Irises with the dwarf varieties coming first followed by the taller species in late spring – the two pictured here along with a yellow variety stand 4′ tall in flower and just finished flowering within the past week.


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Plant lover living in Toronto, Canada where I grow a wide range of plants in a very small space.
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